Speak positively. Live positively.

Speech is what makes humans unique. The words we speak have the power to be positive or negative, helpful or harmful. We all know the difference a compliment and an insult can make in our own lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are exposed to so much negative, destructive speech. The Positive Speech Project aims to change that by infusing positivity into our lives. The mission statement of the Jewish people is to be a light in this world, and what better way to start bringing the light than with our words!

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Learn the tools necessary to improve your life through…


Raise your level of consciousness to connect with others in a more positive way


Explore the source of positive and negative behaviors to make lasting improvements


Shift your mindset to focus on the good of any person or situation


Empathize with others in a more effective, meaningful way


Eliminate hurtful speech caused by anger, passive aggression, judgment, and other negative character traits


Change the world by changing the way we communicate

How PSP Works

Student ambassadors will lead guided discussion groups of 10-15 participants in 8 weekly sessions, beginning [Spring 2019]. Each session will last 45 minutes and will include engaging activities and meaningful group discussions.


  • “PSP helped me recognize the impact of words. This is something I’ll take into my life and relationships.”
  • “I learned to think more about what I say and how it impacts other people. And how to turn something that might be negative into a more positive phrase.”
  • “I think it helped me recognize the impact of words. This is something I’ll take into my life and relationships.”
  • “I gained a better awareness of myself in regard to how to handle complex situations. Also, I felt connected to my peers when discussing our own experiences with negative behaviors. This really helped us work through our own communication barriers.”


What’s the deal?

There will be a $100 award for every student that completes the Positive Speech Workshop. Participants then have the opportunity of becoming a JET ambassador, too, running their own workshops.

The Positive Speech Project is a project of:

  • JET –Jewish Education Team
  • Olami International
  • The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

Classes in:

Chicago, Champaign, & Worldwide
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